Before the Close of Day: Passages from Dante's Purgatorio | Casa Italiana Zerilli / Marimò

Before the Close of Day: Passages from Dante's Purgatorio

Wed, 11/10/2021 - 7:00pm
In-Person for the NYU Community ONLY
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This event is open ONLY to individuals in possession of the NYU Daily Screener green pass screen.
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In accordance with NYU Covid policies, vaccination and masks are required for all participants.

Before the Close of Day
Passages from Dante's Purgatorio

(USA, 75')

A film by Peter Lucas

Followed by a Q&A with the director.

The feature documentary Before the Close of Day evokes something very ancient; the gathering of humanity waiting for the ferry, the snow falling outside, the boarding of the vessel, the crossing of the waters, the quiet looking out to sea, the passing of other boats, the docking and the descent to the shore. Once again people return to their way station, even in the wind and the rain, a crowd of souls fall into step for the late bell. Woven throughout are passages from Purgatorio as a spiritual invocation. Prayer in motion. But there is no deliverance in this journey, no paradise on the other side, only the liminal waiting and the reflection of that destined voyage in the hereafter.