Mission | Casa Italiana Zerilli / Marimò


Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò at New York University was founded in 1990 by Baroness Mariuccia Zerilli-Marimò with the goal of promoting Italian culture by offering a program of free events, open to everyone, on all topics related to Italian studies, including language, literature, cinema, music, theater, visual art, as well as politics, economics, and lifestyle. Casa’s mission is to create a physical and virtual space for dialogue between Italy and the United States on all of these themes.  

Erasmus of Rotterdam’s expression, “All we who are learned are Italians,” illustrates the raw power of Italy’s cultural legacy, with its scope and impact having transcended its political borders for centuries. Owing to the generosity of its Founder, and its affiliation with a prominent institution of higher education, Casa Italiana has risen to prominence as a renowned Italian cultural center. It continues to foster scholarship and excellence in a wide range of fields and disciplines while simultaneously nurturing a vibrant community of scholars, students, and citizens.

Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò champions diversity and inclusion at all levels and promotes partnerships with public and private organizations that share its goals.