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Video Archive

Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò has been video recording most of its programming since 2011. In this section, all filmed events are available for free.

A Conversation with Nadine Sierra

From Adventures in Italian Opera with Fred Plotkin, a conversation with the soprano...

Lucio Fontana at The Met Breuer

A panel on the occasion of the exhibition Lucio Fontana: On the Threshold, featuring Carlos...

Consumer Behavior and the Evolution of Italian Food Retail

The fourth chapter of Gruppo Italiano's Italian Table Talks, featuring:

Presentation of "It Will Be Chaos"

Directors Lorena Luciano and Filippo Piscopo in conversation with David Forgacs (NYU).

Pasolini: Framed and Unframed

A panel featuring:
David Forgacs, Professor and Chair, Dept. of Italian Studies, NYU...

Antonio Monda presents "Unworthy"

The author in conversation with Mary Karr and Fr. James Martin, S.J. February 6, 2019