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Video Archive

Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò has been video recording most of its programming since 2011. In this section, all filmed events are available for free.

Ara Merjian introduces "Bicycle Thieves"

In conjunction with the exhibition "NeoRealismo: The New Image in Italy, 1932-1960," an...

Joseph Sciorra presents "Built With Faith"

On the occasion of the paperback release of "Built with Faith: Italian American Imagination

Presentation of "Quanto Basta"

As part of the 28th edition of New Italian Cinema Events (N.I.C.E.), a Q&A with director...

Puccini's "Trittico" at 100

A conference honoring the centenary of the world premiere of Puccini’s triptych.

Scenes from Pazzi Lazzi's "Isabella Unmasked"

Highlights from "Isabella Unmasked: The Legacy of an Italian Renaissance Woman," a Commedia dell...

Women and the Circulation of Texts in Renaissance Italy

A lecture by Brian Richardson, University of Leeds. November 28, 2018