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International Symposium
Make It New:
The Many Dantes of the Twenty-First Century

The Global Dante Project of New York

Maria Luisa Ardizzone, NYU
Teodolinda Barolini, Columbia University

Presented by:
NYU's Department of Italian Studies, Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò,
Medieval and Renaissance Center

In collaboration with:
Columbia University's Department of Italian and
The Italian Academy for Advanced Study in America

Sponsored by
Intesa Sanpaolo


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Day 1
--- Schedule ---

Welcoming remarks

Panel I
(Chair: Donatella Stocchi Perucchio, University of Rochester)

Maria Luisa Ardizzone, NYU
Gravitas: A Theoretical Perspective on Dante’s Commedia

Bruno Pinchard, Université Jean Moulin Lyon III
The Divina Commedia as Philosophy of Revelation

Luca Marcozzi, Università degli Studi Roma Tre
Make it New, Restoring the Old: A Proposal for a Reading of Dante’s Theme of Justice

---Coffee Break---

Panel II
(Chair: Paola Ureni, CUNY)

Piero Boitani, Università degli Studi di Roma “La Sapienza”
Dante agli antipodi

Giacomo Marramao, Università degli Studi Roma Tre
Dante and the Autonomy of the Political: “Multitudo” and “General Intellect” between Monarchia and Commedia

---Lunch Break---

Panel III
(Chair: Julie Van Peteghem, CUNY)

Danielle Callegari, Dartmouth College
Living Together through Food: From Dante's Convivio to Cibo’s Dante

Akash Kumar, University of California, Berkeley
From One Shore to the Other: A Global Approach to the Commedia

---Coffee Break---

Panel IV
(Chair: Donatella Stocchi Perucchio, University of Rochester)

Paolo Cherchi, The University of Chicago
Alfonso Varano imitatore di Dante nel tardo Settecento

Nassime Chida, Columbia University
Dante Poet and Historian: Montaperti’s Legacy in the Commedia

Alison Cornish, NYU
“To Live among Those Who Will Call this Time Ancient”: Fictions Worthy of Faith


Thursday, December 1, 9:00am-5:15pm EST
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