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Video Archive

Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò has been video recording most of its programming since 2011. In this section, all filmed events are available for free.

"Just Passing Through" The Diaries and Photographs of Milton Gendel

Book Presentation
"Just Passing Through
A Seven-Decade Roman Holiday

Laboratory Italy: Revolution and Civil War in Italy in the 1970s

A lecture by Michael Hardt, Duke University

THE MUTATION - Walking with Manzoni

A short documentary about the exhibition "The Mutation: Walking with Manzoni"

Fashion and Movies: A Never-Ending Dialogue

Part of the series AdDRESSing Style

Women in Italian Cinema: An Inclusive Project

In collaboration with WICIP
Women in Italian Cinema: An Inclusive Project

Laughing with Manzoni: Parodies of The Betrothed in Comics and TV

Presentations by
Serena Moscardelli, Ph.D. Candidate in Italian Studies