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Video Archive

Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò has been video recording most of its programming since 2011. In this section, all filmed events are available for free.

The Reappearing Pheasant [Part 2]

An Introduction to Contemporary Italian Poetry by Luigi Ballerini [Part 2 of 3]

Purgatorio 12: What a Piece of Work Is Man!

Kristin Nelson (University of Michigan)
in conversation with
Alison Cornish (NYU)

Domesticating the Tenth Muse: Myths of Female Voice and Enlightened Progress in 1790s Italy

A talk by Jessica Gabriel Peritz (Yale University)

Inferno 33: Where Fraud and Hatred Come to Dine

Ron Herzman (SUNY Geneseo)
in conversation with
Wes Kennison (SUNY Geneseo)

La Marchesa Colombi and the Free Women of Late 19th-Century Italy

Antonia Arslan, writer
in conversation with

Paradiso 1: Going Beyond

Patrick Boyde (University of Cambridge)
in conversation with