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When Our History Begins

Book Presentation
Tue, 12/10/2019 - 6:30pm
Federico Rampini's "Quando inizia la nostra storia"
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Quando inizia la nostra storia
Le grandi svolte del passato che hanno disegnato il mondo in cui viviamo

(2018, Mondadori)

by Federico Rampini

The author and journalist in conversation with Ruth Ben-Ghiat (NYU)

History is a life coach: we urgently need to rediscover it as our guide. In this book, Federico Rampini plays with a number of decisive dates to shed light on surprising links between momentous events of the past and our present times: from the first printed bible to the demise of Lehman Brothers, from Savonarola to the populist leaders of today. This rearview adventure through time winds up becoming a sort of magical mirror tracing new outlines and meanings, as well as the right amount of depth, around places, facts, and characters that Rampini has observed as a first-person witness.