The Reappearing Pheasant [Part 3] | Casa Italiana Zerilli / Marimò

The Reappearing Pheasant [Part 3]

Wed, 06/09/2021 - 5:00pm
An Introduction to Contemporary Italian Poetry by Luigi Ballerini
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The Reappearing Pheasant [Part 3]
An Introduction to Contemporary Italian Poetry by
Luigi Ballerini

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Thirty years after The Disappearing Pheasant - a series of events on contemporary Italian poetry that took place at Casa Italiana during its first year of existence - Prof. Luigi Ballerini, poet, literary critic, and the first Director of Casa Italiana presents a new iteration of the project that will span the upcoming semesters and will feature lectures, seminars, readings, performances, exhibits, and much more. As a preview, Ballerini is giving three lectures entitled The Reappearing Pheasant that will lay the groundwork for all that is to come in the near future. This is the second lecture.

Much of the most significant poetry written and published in the ‘70s and in the subsequent decades bears witness to the fact that while the so-called neo-avantgarde came “officially” to an end, its linguistic and rhetorical raison d’être continued to be highly productive. Examples of radical changes in the poetry of both established realist poets such as Pasolini and Roversi and even by a former member of the Novissimi (Pagliarani) are offered to outline the continuity in the "tradition of the new”. The neo-epic poetry of Vincenzo Frungillio and the neo-logic poetry of Lucio Saffaro are offered as evidence.


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