OPERA TO THE PEOPLE | Casa Italiana Zerilli / Marimò


Opera to the People is a group open to students or other young present and future audience members in order to delve into the world and language of opera, with the objective of fostering a new generation of attentive opera-goers. The group meets to watch and listen to recordings of a particular opera that will then be attended LIVE. This serves the purpose of familiarizing the participants with the themes and structure of the work, enhancing the experience in the theater. Casa Italiana kindly covers the cost of a number of tickets for the performance. Led by Julian Sachs, Program Coordinator at NYU Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò.

Participation is free.

Please note: Casa Italiana hosts but does not interfere with the programming choices of the group. For all information, join the group on Facebook here or contact the coordinator of the group, Julian Sachs, at [email protected].


Due to Covid-19, only students of New York University with a Green Daily Pass status may participate

Free tickets to the Metropolitan Opera performances are offered by Casa Italiana to the first 24 who RSVP


Tuesday, November 2, 7pm
Pre-"Porgy and Bess" Evening

Wednesday, December 1, 7pm
Pre-"Tosca" Evening