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Italian Book Club

Casa Italiana hosts this book club that meets once a month to discuss contemporary Italian books in Italian. The Club is open to anyone and its purpose is to offer the possibility to practice the Italian language. Everybody is encouraged to speak. The group suggests the books, usually by contemporary Italian authors, that reflect the changes that have taken place with time in the language and customs. The discussion is informal.

Participation is free. 

Please note: Casa Italiana hosts but does not interfere with the reading choices of the Italian Book Club. For all information, please contact the coordinator of the Book Club, Grazia Montesi, at [email protected].


Spring 2020 Schedule

Tuesday, January 28, 5pm
Né qui né altrove by Gianrico Carofiglio

Tuesday, February 18, 5pm
Il tempo invecchia in fretta by Antonio Tabucchi

Tuesday, March 24, 5pm
La vita bugiarda degli adulti by Elena Ferrante

Tuesday, April 21, 5pm
Madrigale senza suono by Andrea Tarabbia