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Stefano Albertini, Ph.D. Director

Kostja Kostic, Administrator

Jessica Orozco, Admin Aide and Social Media Coordinator

Julian Sachs, Program and Media Coordinator

Italian/American Digital Project, Inc., News and communication services


24 West 12th Street

New York, NY 10011-8604

Telephone: (212) 998-8739

Fax: (212) 995-4012



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We will try our best to answer your inquiry, however, due to the increased amount of incoming communications we receive daily, unfortunately we are not able to reply to each request.

Regarding event proposals, please bear in mind that every proposal will be evaluated. The selection process tends to be a lengthy one, owing in part to the large number of potential presenters and in part to the size/setup of the selection committee, which consists of various entities such as faculty members, members of the Board and other experts. There is no set interval within which selections take place. However, in case an event is considered for our programming, the presenter will be notified with sufficient advance. We encourage you to keep your proposal clear and concise and to indicate the possible time periods.

Please allow time before inquiring about the status of your proposal. In case it is considered for the programming, we will contact you.

Please note the event season starts in September and ends in June of each year.

Thank you for your kind collaboration.